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Raw Video: Herschel Walker Wins MMA Debut

Pastor Defends Church Members Held in Haiti

Federer clinches 16th grand slam title

School Cracks Down On Dirty Dancing

Ex-tropical cyclone Olga lashes North Queensland

Israel denies Gazans eye treatment

Teen Kills Father With Punch To The Head!

Link between cell phones and brain tumours........

Amtrak Passenger: I Never Made 'Bomb Threats'

Mother charged with toddlers' murder


China's difficult relationship with the World Wide Web

Raw Video: Store Theft Ends in Hit and Run

Pres. Obama's First State of the Union Address(full video)

During his State of the Union speech, President Obama says the worst of the storm has passed.

Racial Killing Threat Chills Ohio College Campus

Obama: Job Growth Will Be Top Priority

Cold Case Killer Jailed After 27 Years

The Roast of Tim Geithner

Sri Lanka votes in President Rajapaksa

Raw Video---Truck destroys bridge

Raw Video:Earthquake survivor found after 2 weeks

Chimp Attack Victim Can't Get Transplants

Neighbor: Stacy Peterson Said 'I'm Already Dead'

I Would Rather Be A Really Good One Term President Than A Mediocre Two Term President

UK Terror Threat Raised To SEVERE

Bombs Rock Baghdad As "Chemical Ali" Hanged

US and China start war of words with Google

Should the lessons of the Holocaust apply to Palestinians?

Haitians Turning To "Voo-Doo" For Help

...from Osama to Obama

New quake rescue defies survival odds

Vatican bank accused of laundering

Stars Comment on 'Hope for Haiti Now' Concert

Chinese tourists splurge on French tax-free luxury: study

Sky Surprise: Meteorite Drops Into Clinic

Looters attack an aid centre in Haiti

Indian gov't advices young people not to travel to Australia to study

Quake victims buried in mass graves

Cadbury chocolate takeover deal

Brown Wins Mass. Senate Seat, Deals Blow to Dems

A billboard alongside a Connecticut interstate is causing such a stir with drivers that they're calling 911.

China unlikely to back sanction against Iran

Vancouver bloggers are divided on whether they should disclose getting money or free stuff for their words.....

White approval for Obama declines

Taliban Attack Afghan Capital, Gunbattle Lasts Hours

US Presidents unite to save Haiti

PBS NEWSHOUR | Sights and Sounds of the Haiti Disaster | PBS

Al-Qaeda Official Taunts US, Offers Six Steps for Victory

Stench Of Death Hangs Heavy In The Air In Haiti

No Charges Against 13-year-old in Fl. Teen Burned Case

Mother Sacrifices Life To Save Baby From Driver Running Red Light

Hundreds feared dead in Haiti quake

Sarah Palin FOX News Newest Contributor's First Appearance! pt.1

Sarah Palin FOX News Newest Contributor's First Appearance! pt.2

NY Gov's Teen Son Taken to NYPD Precinct

Burned boy describes attack

Hume on Palin Joining Fox News

Iran government blames US and Israel for assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist....

Australia's Record Heatwave

Authorities Say Kidnappers 'Bumbling Idiots'

Mark McGwire admits using steroids

More cases of racism in Australia ......

Reid: 'I Could Have Used a Better Choice of Word

Scandal-Hit Robinson Steps Aside As Leader

Former NBA Star Pleads Guilty to Accidental Killing

Did Mom Murder Her Child?

Balloon Boy Dad Heading to Jail

CNN's John King travels to President Obama's school in Hawaii to talk to current students about their noteworthy alum

Snowball fight in Berlin

Reid to Obama: Sorry for 'no Negro Dialect' Remark

Europe Bad weather San Sebastian beach, spain covered with snow

Friends: Suspect a Romantic; Meant No Harm at Newark Airport

Friends: Suspect a Romantic; Meant No Harm at Newark Airport

Caught on tape; Man Throws Molotov Cocktail at Cashier

How The Taliban Brainwashes Kids!

Wildlife worries

Cold snap set to get colder on Sunday

Europe's winter weather thwarts travel plans

Iris Robinson to step down as MP following affair

Message from the grave;CIA Bomber Calls for More Attacks on U.S.

Anti terrorist officers are this questioning three British men after a major security alert on a plane at Heathrow on Friday ni

Former NYPD commissioner on alleged New York City plot

Skydivers In Dubai Leap From Tallest Building In The World

FBI Arrests 2 More in NYC Terrorism Investigation

Palin Inaccurate says McCain Strategist

Police say it appears the husband of a missing Utah woman is moving out of the couple's Salt Lake City home.

Authorities say at least three people are dead after a workplace shooting at a factory in St. Louis.

Mariah Carey took the opportunity to joke about her previous night's champagne-fueled speech

Terry McCarthy reports on new information about attempted bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and his contact with an American cle

Choking Game Craze Is Back---Internet strangling craze

Where is Baby Gabriel?

Riz Khan - Could America's first Black President be dividing it more than uniting it? White Power USA - Part 1

White Power USA -Part 2

Northern Ireland First Minister's wife attempted suicide

Christmas Day bombing plot suspect faces a six-count federal indictment......

Yemen.....The New Frontline In The War On Terror...?

'FDR's Deadly Secret'New book makes startling claim about Roosevelt's death

Hazardous Material Found in Airport Bag

Christian use of word "Allah" stirs controversy in Malaysia

Glen Ford:Obama takes every opportunity to spit in the faces of Black people

Obama Intentionally Collapsing Our Economy! Glenn Beck

Raw Video: Drunk Bus Driver Gives Students Wild Ride

Raw Video: Obama, Family Return From Hawaii

The FBI says a gunman suspected of shooting two people inside a Las Vegas courthouse been killed.

Fighting the Taliban invaders in Sultanwaz valley

Security Breach Prompts Scare at Newark Airport

World's tallest building opens in Dubai

Raw Video: Key Mexico Drug Dynasty Arrest

Obama Effigy Spotted in Jimmy Carter's Hometown

US and British Embassies in Yemen closed because of threats......

Indian elephant runs through temple crowds

Tracking Nigerian 'bomber' in Yemen

America's new war? ....Al Qaeda's presence in Yemen

Fla. Police Nab Man in Thanksgiving Killings of 4

America turns to Yemen

Prophet Muhammad Cartoonist Attacked

Woman attacks man's genital area

Deadly bomb attack at Pakistan volleyball game

President Obama's New Year message