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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Julia Gillard Sworn in as Australia's Prime Minister

Australia's first female Prime Minister and her cabinet are sworn in to office today. Her opponent, former prime minister Kevin Rudd, has been appointed to the job of Foreign Minister.

Julia Gillard and her new cabinet were sworn in at Government House in Canberra on Tuesday.

In front of Governor-General Quentin Bryce, Ms. Gillard signed a document and swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, as family members looked on.

Her pledge of allegiance was followed by the swearing-in of 19 cabinet ministers, 10 ministers and 12 parliamentary secretaries.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was among those sworn in as Foreign Minister.

Ms. Gillard ousted Rudd from the top job on June 24 to become Australia's first elected female prime minister.

She then had to endure a federal election which resulted in a "hung" parliament as neither major party gained a majority vote.

Gillard gained the support of three independents and a Green MP to muster the seats required to form government.

Hers will be the first minority government since World War II.

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